Our School

Educational Philosophy

St Brendan’s core business is to educate our children within the context of their Catholic faith.

We believe that for children to learn effectively they need to:

  • understand the purpose of their learning.
  • have a safe and secure environment, both physical and emotional.
  • apply learning in real-life contexts.
  • have opportunities to make decisions about their own learning.
  • experience a curriculum that is inclusive of backgrounds, culture and interests.
  • have opportunities to learn collaboratively (with and from each other).
  • have opportunities to practise using their new skills and knowledge.
  • apply a range of learning strategies, including seeking help when needed.
  • learn from their mistakes and develop a habit of perseverance.
  • be resilient.
  • be motivated by a range of engaging and purposeful activities that are directed to their needs.
  • access a curriculum where their developmental needs are addressed in a systematic and explicit way.
  • take increasing responsibility for managing their own learning.
  • develop deep levels of understanding of concepts.
  • have opportunities to reflect on their learning experiences through self, peer and teacher feedback.
  • experience success and celebrate their achievements.