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Whole school assemblies are held every second Friday afternoon at 2.30pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for the whole school to gather for a variety of reasons – prayer, birthday celebrations, sharing of successes, singing and welcoming new children to mention just a few. The student leaders prepare and facilitate these assemblies. Please check your term calendar for assembly dates.


The website contains Statement of Democratic Principles, School Annual Report, up to date policies, and information regarding the general running of the school.

School App

St Brendan’s has a school app which can be downloaded to smartphones and smart devices. Reminders and notices of school events are sent out as required. Newsletters are also available from this app.

PAM – Parent Access Module http://pam.lakesent.catholic.edu.au

Our school uses a web-based system to make communication between home and school more efficient and effective. Each family will receive a PAM login which can be used to access PAM via your computer, on your smart phone or android device. Once logged onto PAM you will be able to see details about your child, attendance information, school reports and medical information. Access will also be available to Parent information, books of School Interviews, general school links and the school calendar. You can also lodge absences, permission slips for camps and excursions as well as receive the newsletter and alerts via PAM. The migration of a number of apps into PAM will streamline communication between school and home and be more effective for the families and the school.


Our intent is to grow our school and community’s understanding of social media and to make connecting with our school more convenient. We wish our content to be more accessible and to also tap into the knowledge and support base of our parent community. Our school’s Facebook page allows our community to keep up to date with activities through a medium preferred by many. The page will allow us to seek your input on issues and to also make us aware of areas where we can improve.  Most of all, our Facebook page is a place where we build our community by building school spirit. We ask that our community accentuate the positives and bring to everyone’s attention the little things that make our school community great. No child will be named on our Facebook site.


This newsletter is a vital form of communication between school and home and requires your closest attention. The school newsletter is posted on Thursday.  Our school newsletter is available on the school website and families have the option of receiving notification of its availability via Email.

A class newsletter is sent home at the end of the first week of each term to inform you of school curriculum and class activities.

Other notices are sent home regularly for a variety of reasons:- excursions, information updates, class activities, school celebrations, requests for assistance.  Please respond to each notice if required and, if you are ever unclear, please ask your child’s teacher for assistance.

Collaborative Conferences

All learners, not just children, benefit from being aware of their learning and being able to communicate this understanding in some way. It strengthens what has been learnt and helps set goals for the future.  The learning and well-being of the children of St Brendan’s is important to the staff of the school, parents and, most importantly, the child.  So, in light of this, it makes sense to include the children in a conversation about their progress.  Collaborative Conferences are an essential part of planning for a child’s education and take the place of traditional Parent/Teacher Interviews.

Parent-Teacher Interviews and Reporting currently run as follows :-

Term 1 Collaborative Conference
Parent Curriculum Evening
Seesaw posts according to Seesaw Guidelines
Term 2 Collaborative Conference
Seesaw posts according to Seesaw Guidelines
School Reports - Achievement Standards
Term 3 Seesaw posts according to Seesaw Guidelines
Term 4 Collaborative Conference
Seesaw posts according to Seesaw Guidelines
School Reports - Achievement Standards

Seesaw Reporting Guidelines

St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School is using the Seesaw online learning journal as a basis for reporting to parents. Seesaw allows for more immediate communication between parents and teachers, it gives parents a deeper indication of their child’s progress through use of text, audio and video.  The online portfolio can be used as a resource to complement Collaborative Conferences. St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School staff will still report to parents on student progress in the form of learning progression against the Victorian Curriculum mid-year and end of year.