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Medical & Absence Forms

Absences From School – Unexplained Absense

In accordance with the Education Training and Reform Act 2006 (Vic.) (the Act) and the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 (Vic.), school attendance is compulsory for children and young people aged from 6 to 17 years unless an exemption from attendance has been granted.

Whilst ensuring student attendance at school is a legal obligation of parents/guardians, supporting students to attend school each day is the shared responsibility of all parents, students, the school and the wider community.

Changes to legislation state that schools are now required to follow up any ‘Unexplained Absence’ in a timely manner within the same day, when an absence is unexplained. If contact cannot be made with the parent, contact will be made with the emergency contact/s nominated on the student’s file held by the school. All attempts and responses will be recorded. If a student reaches five days of unapproved or unexplained absences, further action will be taken in the form of contacting the Catholic Education Office or government organisations.

As you can imagine this process can be time consuming for office staff. Parents can assist this process by notifying the school through PAM, or with written communication before 9.15am. Where the absence remains unexplained a text message will be sent to parents asking for a reason for the absence. If your child is absent for an extended period, please provide a note, or enter the absences on PAM.


If your child requires medication to control illnesses and conditions please ensure that you notify the Principal and your child’s teacher of this need.  Permission Forms for medication can be obtained from the school office or via the school app.  Parents should supply medication (original packaging) in a container that gives the name of the child, the dose and the time the medication is to be given.  The name of the medication should also be clearly marked on the container.  All medications are to be sent to the school office, not the classroom. Parents should provide a written, signed note with specific instructions for administering medication. Where possible, we ask that medication be given by the parents.


Children are not permitted to keep and administer medication themselves, excepting those who are self-managing asthma. The school has an emergency supply of Ventolin.  If your child has asthma, you must complete an Asthma Management Plan with your child’s doctor and provide the school with this to act on when necessary.  This plan must be updated annually. Each child must have their own asthma medication with them at all times.  Epi-pens always need to be in date. On handing over new pens to the office, parents must sign the register.


Medication Adminsitration Permission Note Confidential Medical Infomation form for Excusions