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Child Safety

St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School is committed to complying with Ministerial Order 870 and following the Victorian Child Safety Standards. An embedded culturally driven approach to child protection and safety in all schools means that protecting children from abuse is evident in everyday thinking and practice of leaders, staff and volunteers.

St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School is entrusted, in partnership with parents/guardians/caregivers who are the primary educators of their children, with the total education of the child. St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School staff, therefore have a duty of care to students during school operating hours and at other times when a staff/student relationship exists. Staff fulfil this duty by taking reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions which they can reasonably foresee would be likely to result in harm or injury to the student.


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Responding to Incidents, Disclosures and Suspicions of Child Abuse Commitment to Child Safety

Policy Documents

Child-friendly Edition of our Child Safety Policy Child Safe Code of Conduct School Attendance Policy Antibullying Policy Child Protection and Safety policy Complaints Resolution Policy Grooming Policy Parent Code of Conduct