Learning & Teaching

Sacramental Programs

The school runs Sacramental units of work in unison with the Parish Sacramental programs.  Children who are baptised Catholics generally receive the Sacraments as follows:

Reconciliation (Confession) Year 3
Eucharist (Communion) Year 4
Confirmation Year 6

Parent meetings and Parent/Child Workshops are held to help parents prepare children for these Sacraments. These aim to inform parents about the Sacraments and how parents can assist their child to receive and celebrate them.

Sacramental programs are parish based, family centred and school supported. Children are provided with regular opportunities to attend Reconciliation and Eucharist celebrations during school hours throughout the year. Workshops are also run in Term 4 for families who wish their child to be Baptised. If you would like to know more about these programs please contact the Principal or Parish Priest.