Learning & Teaching

Faith Development

Religious Education

Students from Foundation – 6 engage in the Sale Diocese Curriculum Journeying Together in Hope. This is a sequential, outcomes based program based around the seven strands of: God, Jesus Christ, Christian Prayer, Sacraments, Church, Christian Life, Scripture, Religion and Society.

The curriculum draws from Scripture and the Catholic tradition of the Universal Church. It fosters and understanding of young people as they grow and mature in contemporary society. Its content includes a strong social justice focus.

Through the Composite model of teaching Scripture and authentic, inquiry based learning experiences, the students seek to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus.


Students are engaged in a range of both formal and informal prayer experiences as they seek to deepen their relationship with God.

Masses and Liturgies

There are many aspects to the faith life of St Brendan’s Primary School.  One of these is regular participation in Liturgies.  All classes celebrate two whole school Masses or Liturgies per term.  As well, each hub prepares and celebrates a class Mass.  We welcome and encourage all families, whether Catholic or not, to join with us as we nurture and build faith and community.