Learning & Teaching

Excursions & Incursions

These are organised to extend the experience of each child in the process of learning.  They are planned to cater for the needs of different age groups and add a dimension to learning that the school environment cannot always provide.


Some excursions are referred to as “local excursions”. Planned and organised trips may take place at the local beach, park, walking track, swimming pool and neighbouring schools. You will be notified in advance of the activity taking place. Generally costs for these activities are covered by your payment of the Excursion Levy.

The Excursion Levy is a nominal amount so for more expensive excursions parents may be asked to subsidise some of costs. Parents will be asked to attend excursions to help with supervision at times.

At times, Incursions are organised within the school environment. Touring groups are invited to the school to provide our children with stimulating activities which focus on developing exposure to and experience in performing arts, visual arts, science and technology.

Permission notes are a legal requirement so you will understand that we cannot allow your child to participate in activities or leave the school if a specific permission note has not been signed by the parent/guardian and returned to your child’s teacher by the given date.

The School Camping Program provides for an ongoing development in independence and       responsibility as each child moves through primary school.