Learning & Teaching


St Brendan’s offers a comprehensive curriculum for students from Foundation to Year 6. As an inclusive school we aim to provide stimulating, challenging learning experiences for every student whilst catering for individual difference and needs.

Teaching and Learning

We are committed to developing skilled learners, ensuring high expectations for every student. Working in collaboration enables the development of rich, challenging and flexible learning       environments supporting all students to learn and maximize their potential. Our school has       developed a four-year Strategic Implementation Plan which we enact through an Annual          Implementation Plan. We have refined our practice and our aim is that:

  • Every leader will be an instructional leader
  • Every teacher will be an expert teacher
  • Every child will have an accelerated rate of progress

Learning Adjustments

The Victorian Curriculum drives all planning with an eye across all learning progressions to ensure each child is taught at their point of need, including planning for adjustments. Continual formal and informal assessments provides rich knowledge for both teachers and students in    setting practical and achievable learning goals.

Students who have been deemed eligible to receive funding under the Commonwealth Program, NCCD (Nationally Consistent Collection of Data) formally known as Students with Disabilities have a Personal Learning Program written for them. Appropriate adjustments to the curriculum are made to address the individual needs of the student. In collaboration with the teacher and parents/carers and where appropriate, the student, goals are set each term. At times, professionals from outside agencies are also involved. These may include DOSCEL staff, speech therapists, occupational therapists etc.

Speech Therapists carry out brief screening tests on students in foundation. The student’s articulation as well as their expressive and receptive language is assessed. If required, parents are then offered the opportunity for this child to work with speech therapists to address specific speech/language needs. These sessions take place each fortnight in the breakout spaces adjacent to classrooms. Educational Support  Officers attend sessions to continue the work in class.