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This is an important requirement and must be worn by every child each day. Your support in this matter is paramount to its effectiveness. We pride ourselves on our uniform and need the support of all families in ensuring that this policy is strictly adhered to. Generally summer uniform is worn in Terms One and Four and winter uniform is worn in Terms Two and Three. There is changeover period for uniforms at the beginning of Term Two and end of Term Three.

UNIFORM ITEMS – Available from Nick’s in Bairnsdale

Most items are regulation, meaning that the school has determined the style or manufacture.

St Brendan's Uniform Price List - Effective 1st September 2022 Nicks Bairnsdale

Regulation Sumer Uniform

Boys Girls
Boys Blue Short Sleeve Shirt Summer dress
Stubbies shorts (grey) Bomber jacket (with emblem)
Bomber jacket (with emblem) Polar fleece jacket (with emblem)
Polar fleece jacket (with emblem) Royal blue school hat (with emblem)
Royal blue school hat (with emblem) White school socks (no logos)
Grey socks (no logos) Black leather school shoes - buckle / lace-up / T-bar
Black leather school shoes / boots

Regulation Winter Uniform

Boys Girls
Sky blue long / short sleeve shirt Winter Tunic (Year F,1,2,3)
Grey Trousers Winter Skirt (Year 4,5,6)
Bomber jacket (with emblem) Blue long sleeve blouse
Polar fleece jacket (with emblem) Bomber jacket (with emblem)
Grey socks (no logos) Polar fleece jacket (with emblem)
Black school shoes / boots Navy tights / white school socks (no logos)
Navy 'Midford' Pant
Black school shoes - buckle / lace-up / T-bar

Regulation Sports Uniform

Boys & Girls
Blue polo shirt with emblem (Short sleeve)
Navy trackpants (in winter) without logos
Black Basketball shorts (in summer)
Bomber jacket / Polar Fleece Jacket (with emblem)
White sports socks – below ankle footlet style not acceptable (no logos).
Running shoes (not skate, fashion shoes)
Dress Uniform Dress Uniform Sports Uniform Sports Uniform Sports Uniform


School Bag (with logo) 

The official school hat is compulsory and is to be worn by every child during all outdoor activities in Terms One and Four. Children are encouraged to wear their hats during Terms Two and Three depending on the weather.

Jewellery is restricted to the following – a wrist watch, no more than one matching pair of studs or sleepers, a religious medallion on a chain to be worn under clothing.  Fashion jewellery, make-up and nail polish are not permitted.  

Hair is to be kept neat and tidy at all times.  Hair longer than collar length is to be tied back from the face. Headband, hair ties, ribbons, scrunchies and clips must be blue, black or brown.

It is not appropriate for children to come to school with dyed or inappropriate hair styles as deemed by the Principal.   

Black LEATHER school shoes are to be worn with dress uniform on Monday and Tuesday.  Tennis/sports socks are not permitted to be worn with school shoes.  Black pull-on boots are acceptable.  High heeled shoes are not acceptable as they pose a health risk for children.

SPORTS UNIFORM is worn on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday unless advised in writing.   Runners are to be worn on these days.

Coloured T-shirts are not to be worn under uniforms. Boxer shorts should not be seen under the uniform.

Students wearing items that do not form part of the required uniform will be asked to remove these by staff.  Parents should inform their child’s teacher if, for any reason, they are unable to comply with uniform requirements for short periods of time.

SECOND HAND UNIFORM – Some second hand uniform is available from St Brendan’s Op Shop in Bulmer Street.