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School Fee Concession

The Diocese of Sale School Fees Policy has recently been reviewed and updated.

A number of guidelines have also been developed to assist schools in implementing this policy.  These guidelines relate to:

  • Fee Setting.
  • Fee Collection.
  • Fee Concessions – the introduction of a more formal process in applying for, and the granting of, a concession for families experiencing financial hardship.
  • Fee Debt Recovery – New procedures involving the School Fee Officer and solicitors of the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale for addressing situations in which a family is not meeting their financial obligations.

Below are some key points relating to the new guidelines.

Fee Collection

The preferred method of school fee payment and the one we encourage families to implement is a fortnightly Direct Debit instalment of twenty-six payments.  To assist families in their budgeting, Direct Debit can be organised to suit your needs on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis

Fee Concessions for Financial Hardship

Any family experiencing genuine financial hardship is encouraged to apply for a school fee concession. There are two categories under which an application for a concession may be made:

Category 1: Eligible, means-tested Centrelink Concession Card holders:
A family in which the fee payer holds an eligible, means-tested Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) is automatically eligible for a school fee concession.  There is a simplified application form and streamlined approval process.

Category 2: Special Consideration:
A family experiencing genuine financial hardship and not eligible under Category 1, is encouraged to apply for a fee concession.  This application requires more detail to be provided to enable a fair and equitable assessment of eligibility for, and level of, fee concession.

Concession application forms can be obtained in either printed or electronic format by contacting the school office.

Fee Debt Recovery

As you are aware at the time of enrolment, you sign an agreement that you will adhere to the financial commitments of our school.  Failure to do so will require the school to follow four key steps.

Step 1: Reminder Call: If payment not received on time.

Step 2: Letter of Request: If payment not received by extended due date.

Step 3: Letter of Demand: If no response from letter of request.

Step 4: Referral to the School Fee Officer and Solicitors of the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale

Please contact the school office if you require any further information.

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