A busy start to the year at St Brendan’s : Clean Up Australia Day, The Collectors, Caritas

Our year six Social Justice leaders along with the year six leaders from St Joseph’s PS took part in a leadership day organised through Caritas. The day was all about building our students knowledge of the social justice issues facing our world and how we can work together to help those in need.

St Brendan’s CPS shared a great couple of days with Sprig and Magnolia, the two big personalities of The Collectors. The Collectors tell stories about the environment to help students develop an appreciation of nature and discover the ways in which we can live a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with our world. Thank you, Mike Ryan for making the experience happen!

Once again our school rolled up our sleeves and did our part on Clean Up Australia day. It was safety first with students wearing gloves and using tongs to pick up rubbish. The result was a cleaner school, a standard we will maintain.